Twiggs county reacts to new Danville Alcohol Sales

The city of Danville will now allow alcohol sales on Sunday. Jennifer Munoz (WGXA)

DANVILLE, Ga.-- A new law will now allow the sale of alcohol on Sundays in Danville.

Maggie Jackson has lived in Danville for over 60 years. She said she has never been able to buy alcohol on Sunday before.

On November 7th voters in Danville passed a referendum to allow Sunday alcohol sales.

"I am so happy about it... and I am very happy about it. We should have done did this, now we won't have to go to Jeffersonville," said Jackson.

The Manager of Danville Convenience Store Daphne Jackson said people are already asking if they can buy beer.

"They just start calling. They called the store, 'Can we get beer today?' I told them no. I have to wait on the Mayor to give me the okay to sell the beer," said Jackson.

With the new law Daphne Jackson hopes to bring in more customers.

"I had one come in today to get beer. He brought it to the counter and I told him I can't sell today and he said, 'You tell me I have to burn my gas and go to Jeffersonville?'" Jackson said.

With more business, Maggie Jackson hopes that keeping money in Danville will help fix things around the city.

"Our streets need fixing that's a lot of stuff that need to be done in Danville now with this beer sale we can do it," Jackson said.

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