Unloaded gun found on student in Baldwin Co. school, school releases statement


BALDWIN COUNTY, Ga. -- On Friday, a student at Oak Hill Middle School in Baldwin County was discovered to have an unloaded gun in his possession.

A statement from Byron Wellman, School and Community Relations Coordinator for Baldwin County Schools, said that sometime Friday afternoon a school administrator got an anonymous tip from a fellow student about the firearm.

The statement confirms that upon an investigation, the student carrying the firearm was removed from class by an administrator and the school resource officer.

Wellman's statement also said that the middle school's students and staff "were safe and at no time was anyone in danger."

According to his statement, the issue was resolved without further incident and the school day was able to go forward without interruption.

Wellman also wrote that he wants "all of our families to rest assured that take great pride in providing a safe and secure learning environment for our students and staff."

According to the statement, the school requests that students talk with their children about the incident and discuss that it's against the law to bring any type of weapons to school. The statement also emphasizes that everyone should work together to keep educational facilities safe.

This is the second time this school year that a student has brought a gun to class in Baldwin County. The first incident happened in November 2017 when a student brought a loaded firearm to school.


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