Veterinarians say some human medications okay for pets

Some over the counter medications are safe for pets. Jennifer Munoz (WGXA) 

MACON, Ga. --For pet owners their health is a priority, Veterinarians said some over the counter medication can be effective on pets.

Thor is a playful Pitbull puppy. His owner Alexa Albritton says his health is very important.

"Dogs are a big investment and they are definitely family, so we would do anything that we could to keep him healthy," said Albritton.

This past spring Thor experienced some allergies.

"We've used over the counter Benadryl before, e has been stung a couple of times, he gets those welts on his body," Albritton said.

Just like humans pets can get sick, Veterinarian George McCommon said some human over the counter medication works perfectly fine on pets.

"Certain medicines are okay for certain species, a lot of medication that we take are perfectly accepted. This is a prescription product but Cephalexin, the antibiotic that they give people is the same Cephalexin they give dogs, cats, horses, and cows," said McCommon.

Before you give your pet any human medication McCommon recommends you consult with your vet because every animal reacts differently.

"Acetaminophen, Tylenol is toxic for cats, It causes Methemoglobinemia and yes people have given it but normally Acetaminophen can kill a cat," McCommon said.

Combinations of medications can also be very dangerous for animals.

"They make these cold flue products where they put a little bit of everything in it and three of the dour ingredients might be perfectly okay but that fourth is toxic, each species has things that are more toxic then others," McCommon said.

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