Victim of Papa John's shooting becomes a voice for young generation in Macon

Evan Watson (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- Duncan Siror has been through a lot in his life, but he didn't expect what happened to him December 22, 2016.

Siror was delivering pizzas for Papa Johns, when he was shot in the shoulder and robbed.

He was able to run to a Taco Bell and call 911.

"It just made me value life that much more," Siror said.

The bullet was removed from his back in August. Doctors said more time could make the operation easier.

Now, Duncan is using his story to improve his community.

"I might as well do something to try and make a positive impact," he said.

Siror is passionate about stopping human trafficking and saving the environment. He's also getting involved in local and state politics and is encouraging other to do the same.

"What's more important than taking steps and doing things that can better yourself and better your community? I just don't believe in being a passive citizen," Siror said.

To be active in the community, he said his generation needs to grow its voice.

"I just cannot be complacent," he said.

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