Video shows man allegedly stealing from Warner Robins apartment complex

    Video Courtesy Michelle Miller

    WARNER ROBINS, Ga. -- One neighborhood in Warner Robins has had packages and items stolen from their front door -- and it's all been caught on camera.

    According to the Warner Robins Police Department, two police reports have been filed from the Bedford Parke Apartment complex where packages and other items have been stolen. No arrests have been made yet.

    A video continues to spread on social media showing a man residents say has stolen packages, valuables and bikes from their apartment complex.

    Resident Dana Chavez thought her apartment complex was safe because it's gated 24/7, but now she's reconsidering.

    "A guy was getting on peoples bikes and riding around and stealing packages," she says.

    But that's not all...

    "The night of [Nov.] 26, someone jumped over our fence and took a bunch of packages," Chavez said.

    Chavez says the Bedford complex gave residents fliers to inform them of the alleged multiple crimes.

    "The guy obviously does not care enough to where he will do it in the middle of the day," Chavez says.

    If you know who this man may be, contact the Warner Robins Police Department at 478-302-5378.

    Residents say even if they don't have the ring device, they can still see whats going on in their neighborhood. If you would like to stay informed of the crime activity that occurs in your neighborhood, download the Neighbors By Ring app.

    Even if you don't have a ring device, you can make an account and see the crime that happens in your neighborhood firsthand.

    Residents say they need cameras installed by the entrance gates -- even if these means an increase in the cost of rent.

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