Vinyl sales highest in almost three decades

Vinyl record sales are the highest they've been since 1988 / Brittany Collins (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. --While music went digital in the mid 1980s, vinyl records are still trending and at their highest level in almost three decades, according to the Recording Industry Association of America.

Some say music from a vinyl record sounds more alive and you can "hear" the music.

"Vinyl seems to have that very open quality and CDs have that compressed sound, which I really don't like," said musician Bill Brookins.

Plus, their records last a long time.

"The first record I ever brought was Jimi Hendrix on vinyl," Brookins said. "I can still play that same record over and over again, 40 years later."

Though digital has taken over how people listen to music, William Dantzler with Fresh Produce Records said vinyl records are still selling.

"People that like records, like to collect things," Dantzler said. "They want a physical object and a piece of the artist they love."

Dantzler also said more artists are recording their music on all music mediums, including vinyl records, but when CDs took over, several of the pressing plants shut down.

"But there's more popping up," Dantzler said. "Like Jack White is building a pressing plant at third Band Records in Detroit. I think, if we see more pressing plants and more people refurbishing those pressing machines, then we'll see more on the market."

Some younger people like digital because it's more convenient. They strayed away from analog music.

"They take up so much more room as opposed to being able to have a bunch of songs on my phone which is something I already carry around with me anyway," said Sara Stiles.

"Being able to go from one song to another instead of having a CD with 12 to 15 songs of that same artist. that's the beauty of having an MP3 player," said Josh Collins.

But Dantzler said no matter how you listen to music it's important to fully invest into your favorite artists.

"That's where you get the, cool special stuff where you can show your grand kids, and say, 'This was my favorite band back in the day,' That's what it's all about. Collecting those memories."

Most music these days is recorded digitally. It's going to to sound the same on a record player, but if you want to hear the warm, authentic sound, you have to listen to older music.

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