Volunteers rescue abandoned rabbits in Centerville neighborhood

Abandoned domestic rabbit rescued in Centerville neighborhood. Jennifer Munoz (WGXA)

CENTERVILLE, Ga. -- The Georgia House Rabbit Society searched for abandoned domestic rabbits inside the Northridge Neighborhood in Centerville.

Sunday afternoon volunteers dressed in orange shirts, and waited for the right moment to catch the domestic rabbits on the loose.

"They only really give you one chance to catch them and if you miss they are very freaked out and they don't really give you another chance. You've got to be confident and just snatch them," said Jennifer McGee with the rescue.

The rescue group was called to the neighborhood after several people spotted the domestic rabbits.

"I was definitely curious as to where they came from. I didn't know if it was somebody's pet or if they were just wild and just running around," said neighbor Marvin Gulley.

McGee said domestic rabbits were dumped into the neighborhood and are not meant to live in the wild.

" They have no survival instincts, so basically when they are let loose in the wild it's a death sentence. They get picked up by predators hit by cars, they don't live very long, and this is not where they are suppose to be," McGee said.

Some of the predators that the rabbits can attract are owls. raccoons and foxes.

"Be cautious because all these predators are going to pick up there dogs and cats as well," McGee said.

Domestic rabbits out in the wild have become a growing problem in Georgia.

"We get about 900 in-take requests a year, that's people who have ever seen a rabbit in their yard and they know its not suppose to be there," McGee said.

During the winter rabbits like to take shelter in warm places like under your car.

Once the rabbits are caught, the organization spays and neuters them and put's them up for adoption.

You can find out more information on adopting here.

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