Warner Robins closed door meeting raises questions as people support police chief

Warner Robins police chief Brett Evans/Evan Watson (WGXA)

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. -- A closed-door meeting of the Warner Robins mayor and city council has left the community with more questions than answers.

WGXA received a call on its tip-line Wednesday that Warner Robins city council was considering firing police chief Brett Evans and that citizens were attending the city council meeting to support Evans.

Mayor Randy Toms and city council members spent more than an hour talking about personnel in a closed-door executive session.

After the meeting ended, police chief Brett Evans and others said Toms offered one comment before he and the council members left city hall.

“Mayor Toms said after he would be meeting with me, we have things to work on, but everything is okay for right now," said Evans.

Evans said he doesn't know what was discussed in the closed session designated for talks about personnel. He said he wants to thank the community for supporting the Warner Robins Police Department at the meeting, even without knowing what exactly is going on.

“I’ve been through this before, it’s not my first rodeo. Politics is intertwined with what we do as department heads, as we are of course appointed, but it’s never an easy feeling to know that possibilities are there and whatever the discussion may be. I like to know things ahead of time and there wasn’t a lot that I knew," Evans said.

The Warner Robins city council will meet late next week to approve a city budget for the upcoming year.

There are currently no set plans for any additional personnel discussions.

WGXA will update this story with any more information or additional comments as we receive it.

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