Warner Robins schools celebrate Veterans Day

Warner Robins schools celebrate veterans day/Emily Swecker

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. -- Huntington Middle School in Warner Robins held a Veterans Day celebration to honor those who have served and are serving the country.

The program included musical tributes, student speakers and guest speaker Col. Bryan Shelbourne.

Guests who were veterans were recognized, along with four of the school's teachers.

Teacher and veteran Theodore Monbeck said, "I get a lot of cards from the kids afterwards saying thank you for your service and it warms my heart. It's a good feeling."

"It means a lot to me. It's really really special, especially when the students do realize it and they come up and they say thank you and we get a lot of cards and just a lot of people coming up and saying thank you. It just means a lot. I appreciate it. I appreciate their appreciation of the service that we gave to our country," said teacher and veteran Elisa Ponsell.

Houston County will continue to celebrate tomorrow as high school bands present their eighth annual Veterans Day concert.

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