Fake 'IRS' schemes to look out for this tax season

Watch for tax scams in the upcoming months. Claudia Coco / WGXA News

MACON, Ga -- Tax season is coming up, and with that comes the rise of potential scams. Kelvin Collins with the Better Business Bureau has some tips to help you identify one such scam.

Collins said those calls that you receive from the "IRS" are pretty common.

"You get the typical call that you owe taxes and they're going to try to convince you that, you need to pay this immediately or otherwise you're going to go to jail or something like that," Collins said.

He said if you're on a phone call or a website, the IRS will never ask you to pay in gift cards.

"A big red flag is that if they ask you to pay it immediately or in some other odd form," said Collins.

He said the popular thing for scammer's to ask for is I-Tunes gift cards. Most importantly, Collins said if you're getting a phone call from the IRS, "not to take it seriously."

"The IRS is never going to tell you to pay right now," Collins said. "They're never going to ask you for payment over the telephone. If you owe taxes you're going to be asked to go to the IRS website to submit a payment, or to mail your payment."

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