How to plan for wedding season spending

Wedding season spending. (File)

MACON, Ga -- Wedding season has arrived, and there are several expenses that guests need to think about when attending a wedding like travel and gifts. Vice President of Beall Financial Colleen Giffin said it's most important not to stress about the happy occasion.

Ian Layne said he has a couple of weddings to go to this summer, and one even requires plane tickets to get there.

"You try to plan ahead, but a couple of times the weddings are in different locations, I have a wedding in San Antonio, Texas in late July, so I plan ahead and get my flights for that," Layne said.

Giffin said two or three weddings can wear down a guest's pocketbook.

"You don't want to stress and strain your own relationship, but you want to be there for them," said Giffin.

Giffin said most times the bride and the groom want you to be there instead of a big gift.

"But then again it also really boils down to what you can afford," Giffin said. "Again the most important part to me is being there, and being a part of that special day."

She said set a budget, and when it comes to spending on a gift, look at your relationship with the bride or groom.

"If it's family or a really close friend, I would look at spending a little more," said Giffin.

Like Layne who takes a close look at his relationship with the bride and groom.

"If it's someone I don't know, I'll just look at their registry and go click this seems like something," Layne said. "But if it's someone I'm really close with I'll go above and beyond on the gift."

According to IBISWorld a marketing research firm, in 2017 the value of the wedding industry reached about $72 billion dollars with about two million American couples tying the knot every year.

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