WEDNESDAY EVENING UPDATE: Wintry mix possible Friday

Parts of Middle Georgia could see a wintry mix on Friday.

MACON, Ga. - Parts of Middle Georgia could see a wintry mix on Friday.

Areas northwest of Macon are most likely to see any wintry mix. The current forecast would include a mix of snow, sleet and rain. Areas south and east of Macon are not included in that risk area for now.

Even 48 hours out, it remains a difficult forecast. While we know it will be cold and wet, we're still uncertain just how cold and how wet it will be. Does the moisture move out of Middle Georgia before the cold weather moves in? That part of the forecast remains unknown.

The 'when' and 'where' of this forecast has a higher confidence level than the impacts. With any threat of winter weather, we have to be cautious of slick spots and schedule changes. While those can't be ruled out in this forecast, our confidence level of those materializing is low to medium right now.

This forecast will be highly dependent on two things: 1) where the moisture sets up and 2) when the cold air arrives. New data received over the next 24 hours should make that part of the forecast clearer.

One things are certain of is that this cold weather is going to linger for some time.

Current forecast trends keep the eastern third of the nation below average through the middle of December. Average highs this time of year for Middle Georgia are in the low 60s. There are signs that another blast of arctic air could arrive next week.

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