WEDNESDAY MORNING UPDATE: Freezing rain chances trending eastward

Freezing rain is possible in Middle Georgia tomorrow night.

MACON, Ga. -- Areas east of Macon are seeing an isolated chance of freezing rain overnight Thursday into Friday morning.

This will spawn from what we call the "wedge" in our area. This occurs when warm air aloft traps cold air at the surface. The wedge weather pattern brings us a cool, cloudy day with isolated to scattered rain chances and potentially fog.

When this weather pattern takes over Middle Georgia tomorrow we will see isolated light rain and cloudy skies. Temperatures will not escape the upper 30's even during the afternoon. The time we are keeping an eye on is overnight Thursday into Friday morning for any chance of freezing rain or sleet.

After midnight tomorrow there is a small chance of freezing rain. This is only expected to move into our eastern counties including the cities of Dublin, Sandersville, Wrightsville, Sparta and Vidalia as of this morning. Heavier freezing rain and potentially sleet could impact Savannah and the Carolina coast.

On the flip side it is difficult for weather models to accurately forecast any kind of precipitation that can develop from the wedge. So there is a chance that the freezing rain could extend as far west as Macon. Overall we have seen a eastward shift in the freezing rain chances, and also a decrease in intensity.

Any wintry precipitation that does develop will move out by sunrise on Friday. Dry air will move in and bring us a few cool days in the upper 40's and lower 50's.

Low temperatures starting Friday night will be in the 20's for a few days. During that time rain or snow is not expected.

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