What do you need to buy a gun in Georgia

To buy a gun in Georgia all you need is to pass a background check. Jennifer Munoz (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- Walking into a gun shop can be intimidating with the wide range of guns.

Bill Thomas of Macon has some experience buying a firearm, and he always recommends people talk to the experts before the big purchase.

"If you are going to buy as a first timer come and talk to the experts, come and handle a weapon that they've got here so you see what's comfortable with you because if you don't you are going to make a mistake," said Thomas.

Owner of Eagle Gun Range, Hamp Dowling said in the state of Georgia you can be in and out of the store with a gun within a day.

"Hand guns, are as quick as you can fill this out and we call in the background check and that can be 20 minutes, 30 minutes. If you have your Georgia weapons carry permit you just fill it out and away you go," said Dowling.

No training is required to purchase the gun or to obtain a license in Georgia but Dowling always recommends you take a training course.

"I am firm believer in proper training without it you are going to be a hazard to yourself and others," Dowling said.

Not all firearms are as easy to buy.

"Things like a suppressor I've waited almost a year and still haven't gotten my paper work back," Thomas.

He submitted his paper work to buy one last October.

A suppressor is a device placed on a gun to reduce the noise it makes when fired.

Dowling said before anyone can walk out of this store with one they need a stamp from the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and explosives.

"Buying one of them is very extensive, it's a 14-page form you have to fill out and you have to take it to you sheriff and to the other part you sen it to the ATF, along with your pictures and finger prints," Dowling said.

Getting Federal approval for the suppressor stamp can up to a year Dowling said.

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