Prepare for peak tornado season this spring: Fire chief speaks on what to do

What to do when a tornado strikes. (CNN)

PEACH COUNTY, Ga -- Tornado season is just starting in middle Georgia and Sunday marks 43 years since a tornado killed two people, destroyed 40 homes, and damaged 300 homes in Peach County.

Peach County Fire Department Chief Thomas Doles has some advice for this upcoming tornado season.

Chief Doles said you need to have more than one way to be warned of a tornado.

"Don't depend on the internet, don't depend on your weather app," Chief Doles said. "You need to have all of those things, but you need to have a weather radio. There is no one perfect fix for being warned."

Chief Doles said if you're in your vehicle when a tornado hits, stay in it. He said they've had at least one instance where a person got out of their car, went into a ditch, and the car rolled on top of them.

He recommended driving the car to an area where debris won't hit you.

He said if you're in your house try to get to a basement, storm shelter, or a central point in your home.

"You want to be away from windows and away from doors because flying debris is one of the most dangerous parts of tornadoes and hurricanes."

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