Wilcox Co. HS student charged for threats against classmates on school project


ROCHELLE, Ga. -- A Wilcox County High School student has been charged after making threats to the school and students last Wednesday on a school computer.

According to the Wilcox Co. Sheriff's Office, the student -- a juvenile -- was arrested and charged with Terroristic Threats and Acts and Dissemination of Information Relating to Terroristic Threats through a computer.

Deputies say Rochelle Police received a call about a threat around 4 p.m. Wednesday. They were told "a student had posted several picture slides with wording about several other students dying." The principal said the student used a computer at the school to post the slides on a group project.

The superintendent told police the student’s password and name was used to access the project, which is how school officials were able to determine what student posted the threats.

According to deputies, the threats mentioned acts may happen that evening at the school baseball game. Extra officers were dispatched to the game as a precaution.

Later that day, the student admitted to making the threats while being interviewed by deputies. He was then arrested and charged.

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