With the holiday season comes an increase in burglaries

Be sure to have strong locks to help prevent burglars / Shannon Lilly (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- A home is more likely to be burglarized around the holidays, according to Cpt. George Meadows with the Bibb County Sheriff's Office.

"During the holidays you start gathering up those gifts and hiding them in closets and such and out in the garage waiting for the Christmas tree to go up so that's when they like to strike," Meadows said.

Meadows said burglars tend to go for what is convenient. For example, if one home has an alarm system sign in the front yard and the home next to it doesn't, the criminal will go to the one without the sign.

Burglars also look for weak locks.

"If you can reach through the door and unlock or through a broken window and unlock that lock from the inside, keep that in mind and get a double cylinder bolt, which is keyed on both sides," Meadows advised.

Meadows also recommends people keep their garage doors shut even if they are home.

If a homeowner is away for a while, they should make sure their doors and windows are all locked. If possible, have a neighbor check on the home, pick up the mail and even leave their car in the driveway.

"Simple things like leaving on a light, setting an alarm, and remember to close the blinds so no one can see in," Meadows said.

Meadows also said not to leave holiday gifts out in the open. Before you wrap them, record their serial numbers so it's easier for deputies to find them if they are stolen.

If you are home when a burglar enters, Meadows said it's best not to confront them. Just lock yourself in a room or get out of the home if possible.

Meadows said there have been 1,113 burglaries in Bibb County this year. That's about 200 burglaries less than this time last year.

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