Woman battles PTSD with hopes of helping others

Woman fights PTSD in hopes of helping others. Perry Smith/WGXA

WARNER ROBINS, Ga.-- Melinda Sullivan started having uncontrollable seizures about a year ago.

"From one moment to the next I don't know what is going to happen," Sullivan said.

After numerous tests and hospital visits, Sullivan said doctors were baffled with the results. She was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and her seizures were a physical manifestation of the illness; according to her doctors.

PTSD United shows that Sullivan is not alone. According to their study, about 24.4 million Americans suffer from PTSD.

The Epilepsy Foundation found some patients have non-epileptic seizures relating to a trauma or multiple traumas.

Counselor Elaine Dilbeck said a trauma can be different for everyone.

"It's all in the perception of the event, it's all in the perception of the trauma. If that person perceives that event as traumatic," Dilbeck said.

Dilbeck also said Sullivan is a warrior and she will continue to seek treatment and fight this illness head on.

Dilbeck says if you or a loved one is experiencing a physical manifestation from PTSD or another mental illness you are not alone.

She says you should talk with a counselor or doctor trained in that area of expertise.

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