Woman sues Monroe Co. for false drug test that showed cotton candy as meth


    MONROE COUNTY, Ga. -- A woman is suing Monroe County after she says she spent almost four months in jail because a drug test wrongly-identified cotton candy as methamphetamine.

    In addition to suing the county, Monroe County's Dasha Fincher filed the lawsuit Thursday against the two arresting deputies -- Monroe Co. deputies Cody Maples and Allen Henderson -- and the company that manufactured the drug test (Sirchie Acquisitions in North Carolina).

    According to the lawsuit, the incident happened during a traffic stop on New Year's Eve 2016. Deputies stopped Fincher's car for tinted windows, but later said they were legal.

    Fincher says the deputies questioned her bag of cotton candy. They then used a roadside field drug test that came back positive for methamphetamine. She was arrested, charged with meth trafficking and possession with intent to distribute -- and her bond was set at $1 million, which she couldn't pay.

    However, charges were dropped against Fincher in April 2017 after, in March 2017, GBI lab tests revealed the bag contained cotton candy and not meth.

    Fincher is suing the deputies for being "reckless and negligent." She also says the test has a history of producing false results -- which in this case was likely caused by blue food coloring.

    The lawsuit asks a jury to award damages from Monroe County, the two deputies and the drug test company.

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