Young Immigrants in Middle Georgia are speaking out about DACA

Jorge Buenrostro came to the United States when he was 10 years old. Jennifer Munoz (WGXA) 

MACON, Ga. -- Thousands of young immigrants across the county are waiting to see what their fate will be after President Donald Trump rescinded the Defered Action for Childhood arrivals also known as DACA,

Jorge Buenrostro, an immigrant living in Macon, is choosing to speak out about DACA.

When Buenrostro was 10 years old his family brought him over to the United States from Mexico illegally. Now he is able to stay in the country through the DACA program.

"The biggest dream is to be able to come here and do something you know and not just sit down and not do anything. I want to take advantage of what this country has and take the opportunities and be able to do something in the community," said Buenrostro.

Currently Buenrostro works full time at a construction company and is taking online classes to get his degree in criminal justice.

Buenrostro said he was unsure of his future after the White House announced they would rescind DACA.

"The first time I heard I was afraid they were going to take it out completely and you know we weren't going to be able to have out permit or our license to continue to be able to be working and driving and being in school, so it was tense hearing everything that was going on," Buenrostro said.

The pastor at Buenrostro's church in Warner Robins, Luis Ramirez, said losing young immigrants would have a great impact on the community.

"He is a dreamer, but he is active he is a young man that is working with our children here, I mean losing someone like him here is really going to hurt our church big time," said Ramirez.

People at the Hispanic Four Square Church are now speaking out to protect Middle Georgia DACA Recipients like Buenrostro.

They joined the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference 60 day dreamers campaign.

"We need to speak up and let congress let the senators let the people we voted for let them know that we want the dreamers to stay that we want them to stay here because they are a apart of our family," Ramirez said.

The Campaign is asking congress to take action in protecting DACA within the next 60 days.

Ramirez and Buenrostro are planning to take a trip to D.C. in October to meet with other Christian Leaders and advocate for DACA.

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