Mercer University works on new campus entrance

Mercer University talks with us to discuss their new campus entrance coming this fall.

Macon, Ga. - Mercer University is finishing the works on their new campus entrance located on Mercer University Drive.

The new entrance features a new sign with the traditional Mercer University logo built on tall columns. New landscaping will also capture the beauty of the entrance.

"Your entrance should say to people, you’ve arrived and it should say to people what you’ve arrived and where you’ve arrived. Is real important and we’re glad to see you." Says Dr. James Netherton, Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance.

Dr. Netherton also discusses the impact the new entrance will have on the student body. "I think they’ll be proud. You look at the things we’ve done on campus the last several years. When they come back in the fall and there’s a new boost from when they left in the spring. They’re proud. That happened on my watch. I got to be a part of it.That was part of Mercer’s change while I was there."

The school also says Five Star Stadium ties into the new vision of the entrance as well.

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