Perry: National Guard, other agencies practice disaster response at Guardian Center

Several public safety agencies meet at the Guardian Training Center in Perry for disaster training / Matt Thielke (WGXA)

PERRY, Ga. -- Several public safety agencies met on March 29 at the Guardian Training Center in Perry for disaster training.

The National Guard, FEMA and other groups held the multi-agency training as part of Vigilant Guard 2017.

The program is a joint disaster response exercise to help the different agencies to learn how to work in tandem when responding to emergencies.

The training focused on a simulated building collapse and even featured actors portraying casualties. This helped the agencies to understand what it would be like to respond in real-life situations.

Lt. Col. Stephen P. Tucker with the Georgia National Guard said that this is a great opportunity for agencies to learn from one another and see each other's best practices in emergency situations so that they can improve themselves.

He said that through these training exercises, they are also able to collect multitudes of data such as how long it takes to do these response missions in real time, that way they can have estimates on how long it will take in real life. It also gives them data on time limits that are safe for the guardsmen and other responders to stay in hazmat suits in hot weather.

Tucker said Georgians should feel comfortable that the National Guard and other agencies are continually working to improve their disaster responses.


This story was originally published on March 29, 2017.

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