Changes to SAT include optional essay section, no penalty for guessed answers

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    The SAT will soon be changing for high school students.

    According to Cyndie Schmeiser, chief of assessment for The College Board, the new test will be three hours long and include an optional 50-minute essay section.

    Students will no longer have to define stand-alone words. Now, they will be used in a sentence and testers must explain the meaning in context.

    Schmeiser said there is a reason for the revamp.

    "In 2015, out of 1.7 million kids, only 42 percent who took the SAT--only 42 percent--are ready to go into college and not need remediation," she said. "That statistic is appallingly low and it hasn't changed."

    The new test also includes no penalty for guessing, so you will not lose points for incorrect answers, only gain points for right answers.

    The College Board has partnered with Khan Academy to provide free practice materials that can be personalized for every student. These practice materials can be accessed by visiting the Khan Academy's website.

    For more information on changes to the test, visit The College Board's website.

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