Man develops app for improving health with "walking meetings"


    CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A local team has invented a great way to improve time spent in work meetings, and it helps improve your health!

    “Necessity is the mother of invention”, so that may be why a local soccer player created something he said he really needed that others might need as well.

    It's free and it's designed to get your body, and your work meeting times, in better shape.

    “Every day is different, but somedays I sit literally eight hours,” said Jessie.

    “We're looking at ten hours probably,” said Madeline.

    If sitting is the new smoking, then Ryan Meyer wants you to take the first step to do what Adrienne Palmer has done and kick the habit.

    “I have walking meetings once a week with my staff,” said Palmer.

    Thanks to Ryan Meyer, there's an app for that. It's called “Statik”.

    “Statik is an app that tackles two bad things in corporate America: Prolonged sitting and bad business meetings,” said Meyer.

    Here's how it works: You simply download the app, for free, tag the attendees and press record

    The app also gives you action items and allows you to email and share to those who aren't there.

    “A great feature is the headphones that are either green or red, and if it's red it means they haven't listened to it yet, and you can call them out,” said Meyer.

    The app doesn’t just encourage activity, it also wants meetings to be more effective, and it uses several standards and measures those while you are in meetings with the app. In addition, it’ll let you know about your meeting's activity levels.

    “Statik will track all that information and share it with whoever is tagged in the meeting,” said Meyer.

    The goal is to reduce the time you sit and reduce the meeting time you sit around.

    “We want to help people be healthy, without limiting productivity at work,” said Meyer.

    Now the app for individuals is free, but when businesses sign up they pay for statistics about meeting effectiveness specific to their company.

    You can find a link on how to sign up here.

    Prolonged sitting has now been linked to a number of health problems including obesity and early death.

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