Oregon woman finds father through DNA test

    <p>Ann Klinkenberg Melendy and Bob Weaver -- father and daughter -- met for the first time after Melendy took a DNA test. (KATU Photo){/p}

    SALEM, Ore. — A grandmother wanted to learn more about her medical history, so she took a DNA test and found family instead.

    “I found out I’m Polynesian. I was always told I’m Norwegian, even though I’m only 3 percent,” said Ann Klinkenberg Melendy.

    Melendy is adopted.

    She went on Ancestry.com for answers. Two years later, on the day before her 50th birthday, Bob Weaver from Alabama popped up in her inbox.

    “Once I saw my dad’s picture on Ancestry, I was like, ‘That’s him!’” Melendy said.

    Her biological mother never told her about her father.

    “Ever since I was 10 years old, I was looking at people to see if they had blond hair, blue eyes – if they looked like me. There was no man safe in Oregon. I was looking for my dad,” said Melendy.

    Weaver didn’t even know she existed. He was in the Air Force stationed in Portland when he met Melendy’s mother and had left before he ever found out he had a daughter.

    “To a young man, that’s a nightmare. To an old man, that’s a blessing,” Weaver said.

    Melendy sent him a message and seven months later, he made his first trip back to Oregon in 51 years.

    “The part across, the eyes, the mouth, the same smile, nonexistent lips. I knew,” said Weaver.

    It didn’t take long before they formed that father-daughter bond.

    “I never thought in a million years that it would happen to me,” Melendy said. “And it happened, and I’m still in shock, and it’s seven months later.”

    This was the first time Weaver met his daughter’s family. He said he’ll be back in Oregon to celebrate Melendy’s birthday together for the first time in January.

    There's still one missing piece in this family puzzle; Melendy has a long-lost half brother. Her biological mother gave him up for adoption after he was born. She's on a mission to find him.

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