Teen use of protein powder called 'disturbing trend'


DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Doctors in the emergency room at Dayton Children's Hospital are seeing a disturbing trend. Doctors say a lot of student athletes are visiting the ER after taking protein powder.

The side effects are scary, as doctors say some teens are "urinating blood," due to taking the protein powder while not drinking enough water."

Many of these student athletes are taking protein powder to try to build muscle quickly," said Lisa Schwing, RN, who is the trauma program manager at Dayton Children's. "They are unaware of the damage this can do to their kidneys if they don't drink enough water. These kids can all-too-easily go into renal failure."

Doctors say most teen athletes don't need protein powder to build muscles, citing studies that young athletes eat two to three times the daily amount of protein. According to doctors, protein can clog kidneys if you don't drink enough water.

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