Video: Man arrested after punching two women at hot dog stand in Los Angeles

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    WASHINGTON (SBG) - The Los Angeles police have found the man that punched two women multiple times in the face at a hot dog stand in the city.

    Arka Sangbarani Oroojian, 30, turned himself into LAPD's Central station Tuesday night and was booked for "Assault with a Deadly Weapon." His bail was set at $90,000.

    The video begins with the confrontation already occurring between both parties. Then the camera tilts up to reveal Oroojian in a gray shirt and dark pants pulling back from a punch he has just delivered to a woman in a white coat.

    Another woman wearing all black walks up to Oroojian and shouts at him. He extends his arm and shoves her in the face. The woman in the white jacket tries to stand again but Oroojian turns his attention to her and delivers another punch. He then spins and punches the woman in black in the face causing her to fall to the ground.

    The woman in the white jacket stands a third time and attempts to shove Oroojian away but as she stands, he delivers another brutal blow to her face knocking her down to the pavement.

    Oroojian then turns and runs in the opposite direction from the crowd at the hot dog stand. The video shows him running into oncoming traffic to flee the scene.

    It is not known if bystanders made attempts to stop the man from hitting the two women.

    According to a report from KTLA, the incident began when the man became upset with the cost of the hot dogs that were being sold outside of a bar. The report claims that one of the women asked him to leave because the line was getting longer. He was upset at her comment and punched her.

    If anyone has information about this incident, they are asked to contact Detective Gonzalez (213) 996-1851 (after hours contact 213-486-6606).

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