North Carolina agency looking for volunteers to become foster grandparents

    Photo: WCTI

    KINSTON, North Carolina (WCTI) - The Greene Lamp Community Action Agency in Kinston, North Carolina is looking for volunteers to become foster grandparents.

    The typical day of a foster grandparent includes helping preschool-age children with educational activities, being a positive role model and providing one-on-one care within a classroom.

    Swanie Ellis, better known as 'Grandma Swanie,' has been a foster grandparent for 15 years. She says she gets as much out of the program as the children do.

    "It's a joy when you see the kids come in -- and most of them will come in -- say hi grandma, give you a hug," Ellis said. "It's just good to have that feeling of knowing that you're helping the children."

    The program requires no prior education or caretaking experience. Foster grandparents are provided a tax-free stipend as well as meals when they're on the job. Interested people must be 55 or older to apply and can expect to volunteer anywhere from 15 to 40 hours a week.

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