2 men share stories of sexual addiction recovery and hope

2 local men share stories of sexual addiction recovery and hope (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - In the wake of recent headlines, two local men who have struggled with sexual addiction are sharing very personal stories of recovery.

It's is a faith-based program that Nate Danser says took him in when sexual addiction nearly took him out.

“It's easier to receive something when your life has been destroyed,” said Danser.

Nate says his life was destroyed by images he began viewing on the internet at age 15.

“If my dad needed help with something, I would make an excuse and tell him I couldn't help him, because I wanted to watch pornography,” said Danser.

By the time he got to Pure-Life Ministries years later Nate admits that he made a realization.

“I realized, I’m in trouble and I need to find help,” said Danser. “I started to see who I really was, I was self-absorbed, I was arrogant, I looked down on other people.”

Men stay at Pure Life for nine months. It costs far less than most programs, about $175 a week. They find them local jobs, provide one-on-one therapy, and phone counseling for wives.

All things Jordan Yoshimine, a counselor, says you likely need for a healthy sex life.

“When it becomes life controlling and it effects finances, relationships, personal health,” said Yoshimine.

Jordan knows what that feels like. Seven years ago, when he came to the center he says that he was addicted.

“I was addicted to sexual sin, loving life, preaching on Sunday occasionally and going out later that day and having sex,” said Jordan. “I had no idea a place like this existed at all. I had no hope, I never thought I would ever change.”

Now both men simply want others to know that there is hope.

“To anyone out there, there is hope, there's hope for all of us,” said Jordan.

The “us” part is what they want you to know most.

The program is open to everyone, but does not house registered sex offenders.

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