How to take care of your computer to keep it running

How to take care of your computer to keep it running / Danielle Apolinar (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- When you've had your computer awhile and it starts running slowly, do you know what to do to get it back in good shape?

Naqua Gentry, a technician at Quality Computer Systems in Macon, said that it is important to maintain your computer. He said that most of the computers that they fix are not working correctly due to little or no maintenance.

First, he said you should have current virus software because there is no telling what is on your computer if you don't have software installed to catch it. Most of the time, he said you won't even know that your computer has a virus until it starts to slow your computer down.

Secondly, Gentry said you should purge your computer of anything you don't use. He said you can put any of your important items, like pictures or documents, on a flash drive to avoid clogging up your system.

He said your computer needs space to operate, so if it is loaded down with stuff it will slow down to a crawl.

Finally, he said you should limit the amount of apps and programs you install on your computer and only put on there what you need and use.

Gentry said that a lot of the time, you can fix your computer problems yourself. However, he said that sometimes it will cost more to fix it than just get a new one. In those cases, he said they will encourage customers to simply purchase a new computer.

But you can avoid this by following the above steps and taking care of your system.

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