Georgia's new Opioid Task Force gathers for first meeting

On Wednesday morning, Georgia's new statewide Opioid Task Force met for the first time at Atlanta Technical College / Matt Thielke (WGXA)

ATLANTA, Ga. -- On Wednesday morning, Georgia's new statewide Opioid Task Force met for the first time.

The coalition of local and state government agencies, legislative groups, community leaders and medical professionals met with Attorney General Chris Carr at Atlanta Technical College to discuss ways to help combat opioid use and overdose deaths in the state. More than 30 groups were present.

Carr announced the formation of the task force on Sept. 28.

The primary objective of Wednesday's meeting was to gain a better understanding of how the more than 30 groups present could work together to compliment each other and work together to fight the problem.

Among the ideas were an increase in education initiatives among medical and community professionals and an increase in drug disposal programs.

Nelly Miles with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said another idea is to work with the Georgia Pharmacy Board to determine whether drugs on the street that are currently legal are contributing to the problem. Then, Miles said the pharmacy board can execute an emergency declaration to make that substance illegal until the legislature can take official action.

Carr said that the group plans to continue meeting and implementing plans to combat the opioid issue until the overdoses throughout the state come to a halt.

This summer, a wave of overdoses claimed dozens of lives across the state of Georgia.

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