Beyond the Game: Ninth grader with cerebral palsy scores touchdown

Hunter Hill's touchdown (KATV photo)

A ninth grader with cerebral palsy scored on the first play of his high school's game on Thursday, Oct. 19.

Born at just 22 weeks, five days, Hunter Hill spent 94 days in the NICU. Doctors thought he'd never walk or talk.

"I immediately started crying," said Mandy Hill, Hunter's mom. "My mom, she was at the doctor's appointment with me. She said, we're not going to accept that."

Hill now serves as team manger. Though on this day, his coaches and teammates helped him realize a giant dream. He took the snap, ran right, and to the delight of everyone in attendance, reached the end zone.

"He's a walking miracle, the way I look at it," said Poyen Head Coach Vick Barrett. "Doctors said he probably wouldn't make it and now he's a ninth grader and healthy and a great kid and a joy to be around.

"A lot of people get caught up in winning, losing, all that. At the end of the day, it's about changing kids' lives and helping kids. We feel like that's what we do with Hunter and Hunter changes us, because he shows us what it's like to beat the odds and do something special."

Watch the video above to see the play.

This is Hunter's second touchdown. You can see his first touchdown, which he scored three years ago, here.

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