Former Trump adviser on North Korea: 'At the moment it does not look good'

Former Trump adviser on North Korea: 'At the moment it does not look good' (Sinclair Broadcast Group)

A former national security adviser to President Donald Trump sat down with Sinclair Broadcast Group to discuss the current state of foreign relations with North Korea.

Sebastian Gorka, former deputy assistant to the president, said it's "very hard to make sense of what they’re doing because everything they’ve done in recent months, is a constant escalation. We’ve done everything we can through the good offices of our ambassador at the UN short of now, engaging in a real naval blockade as we did during the Cuban Missile crisis. There’s very few non-kinetic options left, so it’s really up to North Korea to back down and deescalate, but it looks as if they’re not interested."

When asked what the end game may be, Gorka said he believes "there is clearly a trigger moment. They talk about going to war, they threaten US interest in US territory. As of yet, they haven’t physically targeted US interest OR territory – if that happens, everything changes."

"I think what [the president has] done is very clearly - is end what we’ve seen for more than a decade which is a systematic nuclear blackmail of the west by the regime in North Korea. He said, it hasn’t brought stability. On the contrary, for every concession made by the west, they’ve gone further and further in illegal missile launches, illegal nuclear detonations, so he said, ‘buster- enough – it stops, sent a very clear message. Now we’ll have to see how they react to that very clear signal."

His prediction on what happens next: "North Korea is a hard target in terms of intelligence. It’s probably, along with Iran, one of the hardest targets for us to penetrate, especially the human intelligence assets. So, to predict what this one man – because it truly is a cult-like soviet system – it’s very difficult. Because you have to penetrate thought processes of the dictator who runs North Korea. At the moment it does not look good."

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