Video: Police look for motorcyclists who assaulted, pulled gun during 'flash mob'

    Seattle police released these photos of a man they say pulled a gun on a pickup truck driver.<p>{/p}

    SEATTLE -- Months after a motorcycle flash mob took over the streets of Seattle, police now say they want the public's help to find a group of motorcyclists who beat and pulled a gun on a man on Aurora Avenue North on that day.

    On Aug. 26, more than 100 motorcycles drove through Seattle.

    About 5:30 p.m. that day, a 39-year-old man in a pickup was stopped at red light in the 7300 block of Aurora Avenue North. Motorcycles surrounded him.

    Motorcycle riders began beating the side of his truck and yelling at him, police said. He called 911, then got out of his truck to confront the motorcyclists. Several riders hit and kicked him.

    Video captured the incident, and police have released it.

    Wednesday night, KOMO News spoke to the victim who said he wants his attackers off the streets.

    "They’re not real bikers, they’re not real men, they’re not real upstanding citizens," said the victim, who did not want to share his name, concerned about being tracked down. "They’re just garbage people who got away with acting like garbage people.”

    Police say one person, dressed in a gray motorcycle jacket and tan pants, pointed a pistol at him.

    “When they found out that I was no sucker, they took 15 of them on me then they pulled a 40 caliber chrome pistol on me," the victim said.

    The victim said he's had to spend $2,500 repairing his truck and his attackers stole his keys.

    “I want these people off the road,” the victim said. “I want them treated exactly the same way that street racers are, as a public menace. If you do a wheelie, you lose your bike.”

    The suspects fled in different directions as officers arrived.

    Police say the suspects were wearing helmets, so identification is difficult.

    Detectives are asking anyone with information about this group and or the incident to call 206- 684-5550.

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