Broom sweeping up the competition at Mercer

Broom is starting to grab MLB Scouts attention/(A.J. Good WGXA)

The first thing most notice about Robert Broom is his unorthodox style. He's a side armed master, something he developed at a young age. "My dad taught me when I was 9 years old. Its put a lot less stress on my arm over the years. I've been able to throw a lot of innings through high school and college and hopefully I can continue to do so throughout my career."

So far it has been affective. He has won numerous awards. Including, Southern Conference pitcher of the month twice. "It means a lot. I won it once last year and hopefully I can get a few more. Just got to continue to do what I'm doing right now."

Broom is exactly the guy head coach Craig Gibson wants out of the bullpen. Someone who can get 1 batter, or 4 innings. "I just do what I do and control what I can control and everything seems to work out for me."

Robert says he doesn't mind the crazy schedule. In fact, he wants the ball in every situation. "That's been my role for the last 3 years now. I've definitely bought into the program and everything that its about. I couldn't be more happy to perform in that role."

The Bears have big goals for the 2018 campaign, and Broom wants to help take them as far as they can go. "We need to put the 4 aspects together. We need to pitch better, hit better, we need to play better defense, and we need to run the bases better. Once we put all the aspects together, I think we'll be unbeatable."

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