CGTC Men ready for NJCAA Tournament

CGTC will face Connors St in the NJCAA Tournament/(A.J. Good WGXA)

Its been the goal for the Central Georgia Tech Men since day number one, and that's to make it to Hutchinson, Kansas. Now, they get to live that dream. "The goal coming in is to get to Hutch and our guys its been their goal all season. We break it down going to Hutch and things like that. We have signs in our locker room that reminds us of going to Hutch so I'm excited for our guys" said head coach Reco Dawson.

The Titans got there by winning their first GCAA Tournament title. Something that took a lot of teamwork. "Its a unbelievable experience with a great group of guys. We followed Coach Dawson's lead and we got the job done. Looking forward to going to nationals and competing on the national level" said sophomore guard Michael Laster.

This is only the school's second ever trip to the tournament. Giving head coach Reco Dawson a full load of responsibilities to take care of. However, its a good problem to have. "We get a chance to get a couple of extra practices in . We'll fly out on Saturday and practice on Saturday night so it will be good" said Dawson.

The strength of this team is their overall effort. The Titans go hard on every play, and they believe that's what's going to lead them to the next round. "We have a lot of young guys and I think the ability to compete on every play. Its hard to find that in today's athlete but we have a couple of guys that go out and compete on every play."

CGTC will face Connors State on Monday night at 9:30 pm.

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