Father and son that bond over Dawgs heading to national championship

Martin and Leyton Pinckney take in Georgia's 28-7 win over Auburn in the SEC Championship on Dec. 2, 2017. (CTSY: Leyton Pinckney)

KATHLEEN, Ga. -- Father and son Martin and Leyton Pinckney love the Georgia Bulldogs. So much so that they have their very own "UGA," an English Bulldog named Tuck.

"I think my wife loves that dog more than the rest of us," said Martin.

Martin's wife may love Tuck, but not as much as the Pinckney's love the Dawgs. Together, Martin and Leyton have been to more UGA games than they can count.

“However many games there’s been since I was four years old," said Leyton, "minus however many I missed for a homecoming or something like that.”

Martin has been a Georgia fan his entire life and has been going to games at Sanford Stadium since he was four years old. Leyton has been yelling, "Sic 'Em" at Sanford since he was four as well.

Together, the father and son have seen plenty of monumental games in person, but not the Rose Bowl on Monday night.

“Well you know we were thinking about going but the plane tickets shot up at the last second," said Leyton. "Whenever game time game we were saying, 'If we make it we’re going to go to the national championship.'”

Thanks to a thrilling 54-48 double-overtime victory over No. 2 Oklahoma in the "Granddaddy of Them All," Martin and Leyton have their tickets and will be in attendance when Georgia and Alabama go at it on Monday. For the two, football games are not only a way to grow their love for the Dawgs, but also grow the bond between them.

“It’s awesome we spend so many weekends just hanging out together at football games," said Leyton. "That’s something we’ve done ever since I was little. Good bonding time for us is just being in Sanford Stadium, being at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, or wherever it may be.”

The Dawgs await Alabama in the national title and the Pinckney's hope that this time goes better than the last time they saw the two square off, in the 2012 SEC Championship game.

“Obviously on the last play just being so disappointed going out of there and almost beating Alabama," said Martin. "Now it’s our chance to be there again at the game.”

Leyton and Martin were in attendance to watch Georgia beat Auburn in the SEC Championship at Mercedes-Benz Stadium last month. They're hoping to make it a perfect 2-0 on Monday.

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