First playoff poll ranking "means something" for Georgia

Georgia's Charlier Woener and Christian Payne celebrate an Isaac Nauta touchdown in the Bulldogs' win over Mississippi State earlier this year. /(Luke Hetrick, WGXA)

IRVING, TX -- It's only taken two seasons, but for now Georgia is on top of the college football world.

This was evidenced by Kirby Smart's Bulldogs being ranked number one in the initial college football playoff poll ahead of Alabama.

While fans celebrate, Smart knows the dangers of the top ranking.

"It has zero outcome on Saturday's performance," Smart said at his Monday press conference.

The head coach continues to down play the rankings, but it's hard to deny what this means for the program.

"The AP poll is fine," editor Daniel Shirley said in a conversation with WGXA. "I voted on the AP poll, the coaches was fine, but this one means something now. This one decides who goes to the championship or the playoffs. I know the first one doesn't decide that, but it helps decide that and it certainly a conversation feed."

An SEC team has held the top ranking of the college football playoff poll for the last two seasons. Georgia hosts South Carolina Saturday at 3:30 between the hedges.

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