GA Sports Hall of Fame opens Alternative Baseball Exhibit

The Georgia Sports Hall of Fame continues its exhibit of the Alternative Baseball Organization through the month of April. /(Luke Hetrick, WGXA)

MACON, GA -- Taylor Duncan explained every item and piece of memorabilia in full detail. The Commissioner of the Alternative Baseball Organization smiled ear to ear talking about his prized display Tuesday afternoon at the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame.

"We plan on having this display in the months to come," Duncan said.

Duncan's display is the newest attraction at the hall. The founder of ABO, a competitive baseball league for teens and adults with autism, Duncan has made it his mission to not only give everyone a chance to play ball, but feel a part of a team as well.

"The purpose is to raise acceptance and provide those on the spectrum and those with other special needs the opportunity," Duncan said.

In only one year of existence, ABO is growing at a major more rapid pace than anticipated. The idea caught on so quickly that the exhibit reminds Duncan of the work he's accomplished.

"All of it just reminds me of how far we've all come," Duncan said, "and how far we've been able to get in awareness."

The past year has been a whirlwind for Duncan who saw a great concept and took it to the next level. He approached the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame about the idea and it didn't take long for the hall to follow through.

"I was literally jumping up and down for it," Duncan said. "Literally jumping up and down. It was just awesome."

The exhibit will be on display for the rest of the month and looks to continue into the future. Based out of Georgia, Duncan has big plans in store for the competitive league.

"We're looking at starting a super network not only here in the United States but worldwide," Duncan said. That's great for raising awareness and acceptance for autism and special needs."

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