Georgia Doom ready for season opener

The Georgia Doom is an arena football team/Georgia Doom

After several years of being away from the Mid State, arena football is returning with the Georgia Doom. "This was once a proud city that owned a arena team and now we are coming back. Hopefully we can get those same fans to come back and support us. For us to bring this back into the city is huge" said head coach Derek Stingley.

Their first game is just a few days away, and they can't wait to see another color jersey. "This is the first year for this product of the Georgia Doom so we have to come together and its something we've been working on in practice."

This team is a mix of newcomers and plenty of veterans. Some of which have been playing this style for quite some time. "I think we handle ourselves accordingly. We definitely have a good nucleus of guys from high ranking schools and a lot of professionals from the NFL on down. I feel like that will give us a great nucleus to do what we need to do" said defensive lineman Ronald Johnson.

The Doom promises to bring an exciting brand of football. One the fans can see up close and personal. "Its going to be action packed. Its going to be exciting football. Its going to be fan friendly. The kids can come out and be up close to the action. Come out and see a winning product and one of those years that will be a good year" said Stingley.

For many, its another chance to play and coach the game that they love. And finally kicking it off will bring back all of those special feelings. "Just to be the one that brings it back and be the ones the community will support. I'm so happy I can't contain myself. I may not seem that way but I'm very excited about it."

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