Working pay phone from the Masters tournament now calls Jones County home

A phone booth from Augusta National is now at a hunting preserve in Jones County / Perry Smith (WGXA)

JONES COUNTY, Ga. -- In the middle of the woods in Jones County lies an artifact from a bygone era of one of golf's grandest tournaments.

An old phone booth from The Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club sits in a pavilion on a hunting preserve owned by Brother Stewart.

"A friend of mine was thinking about giving one away and I asked for it, and they were kind enough to give it to me," Stewart said. "It was one of the last working pay phones on the Masters grounds."

That friend was Walter Clay Adamson, a horticulturalist who helped with the grounds at Augusta National. When he moved in with a daughter, he passed the phone booth on to fellow University of Georgia supporter Stewart.

"Oh this is just an original," Stewart said. "It's made to last 30 to 40 years like they used to make things. It is unbelievably tough. Only every now and then do we have to come out here and clean it up just a little bit. The wood sustains itself out here. We just keep it out of the rain and then we put the telephone back in and she's good to go."

It even has an old cooling unit built in, which probably felt pretty good on a hot April day in Augusta. But don't get any ideas about dialing long distance.

"It would if we'd hook it up, but we don't hook it up because I don't want everyone over here on the telephone," Stewart said.

Stewart is happy to share his little piece of history with others, though.

"We keep it here and we take the phone out of it as soon as this group leaves," Stewart said. "We take it out and keep the telephone itself in a dry, zero humidity and then we'll bring it back out. Basically it's an education for people to see."

He enjoys the nostalgia that comes with the phone booth.

"I'm just proud to have it here and that folks can come out and see it and what it used to be like," Stewart said. "And I'm just appreciative of Mr. Adamson to give it to me. It was very kind of him."

The phone booth was recently on displace at the annual Georgia Sheriff's Association Appreciation Luncheon, which was hosted by the Jones County Sheriff's Office at Stewart's pavilion.

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