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GAME CHANGER: Mount de Sales' Zavion Deshazier

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MACON, Ga. (WGXA) -- Eighth grader Zavion Deshazier from Mount de Sales is used to carrying the weight on his shoulders when it comes to academics and sports, but the one thing he enjoys besides that is lifting up his community and he says it’s because of his role model.

"I look up to my dad and what he’s usually doing every day," said Deshazier.

It’s the four-sport athlete's father's motivation that encourages him to give back. Zavion and his teammates recently volunteered with a non-profit organization called Miracle League Macon, assisting disabled children with a baseball game, and Zavion says volunteering is a win-win situation.

"It builds their confidence and it builds my confidence as a person," Deshazier said.

It’s that confidence that Zavion's head football coach Gray Yates says has others looking up to him.

"Kids are friends with him, they're drawn to him and it’s not because he’s being too extravagant, it’s just because, again he shows up," Yates said.

And Zavion shows up because he believes there's a purpose behind it. Deshazier added, "It also makes me feel like God is guiding me in that way to lead those kids into a better position."

However, Zavion says he also knows his family plays a huge part in his success and he doesn’t take it for granted.

"It means a lot to me. They put food on my table and they cover me with a roof and put clothes on my back. I appreciate you, Mom and Dad, for making me a better person each and every day." Deshazier said.

And Coach Yates says it’s that appreciation that keeps Zavion impacting others.

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"Once you kind of have that mentality that I’m going to go get it, again the game changer happens and that’s why it’s happening in the community as well," said Yates.

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