FPD's Lee runs basketball camp for local girls

Camp is for 4th-6th grad girls at Vineville United Methodist Church./(A.J. Good WGXA)

Molly Lee is a rising senior at FPD, but this week she's a camp organizer. Two years ago, former teammate Kate Patterson handed her the reigns of this camp, and she's glad she accepted. "She started it because she wanted to combine her love for basketball and God and put it together. When she asked me to do it, I said this is a perfect fit for me. I love kids, I love basketball, and I love the Lord. Just being able to put it all together is just perfect."

The camp is for girls in the 4th through 6th grade in partnership with Campus Club. Giving them a introduction to many things. "Its great being with the Campus Club girls, they're so fun. Its just so fun to work with them and show them the fundamentals of basketball. We do crafts with them, a devotion, we kind of get to do everything with them. Its just so much fun because they have such fun personalities."

Lee raised all the money through friends, family, and local businesses. So the kids can come to this event for free. "I such supportive friends and family. Then State Bank was such a huge help. Just sent out letters last year and had a lot of people come out and donate to me so that was a huge help."

The goal for this week is to give these girls a baseline for life, something they can look to each day. "Definitely want to give them a great foundation. Not just in basketball, but in life. Trying to teach them good fundamentals in basketball and good values to have in life."

It also gives them something fun to do in the summer that keeps them busy and active. "For us to be able to help them for a week. Give them something active to do. Something inside where its not too hot. Its a very important thing to us where we can partner with them and help give them a week of something to do."

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