FVSU Wildcats sign Bonaire 10-year-old with neuroblastoma

    Jace Cumbie has neuroblastoma and was honored with a special Signing Day thanks to Team IMPACT and FVSU Football/David Domingue (WGXA)

    FORT VALLEY, Ga. -- A Bonaire child with neuroblastoma and a love for football had a special day thanks to the Fort Valley State Wildcats and nonprofit Team IMPACT.

    Jace Cumbie is only 10-years-old but is already an official member of the FVSU Football team. He'll get to watch Wildcat practices, cheer on the team at games, will be invited team dinners and events, and more.

    "The only sport he's shown any interest in is football," said his mother Sarah Carrita.

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    Team IMPACT and FVSU Football came together to hold a special Signing Day for Cumbie, who was diagnosed in December 2014. Monday may have been Cumbie's special day, but his family said he needed to warm up a little bit to the big college campus first.

    "He's very shy, so at first he was not really talking to anyone, he kind of hides behind me a lot of times," Carrita said.

    When he finally came out from behind his mother, Jace was greeted with a huge surprise. FVSU Football offered him an official spot on their team, and they threw him a ceremony so he could sign his letter of intent.

    Jace's special Signing Day meant he also got an official press conference and had the chance to spend time with team players and Assistant Head Coach Mike Ervin.

    Ervin has seen the struggle Jace has gone through to live a normal life, and said he's happy his program was able to help in any way.

    "The young man's been through so much, chemotherapy, and twice remissioned with cancer. That's a lot for a 9-year old to go through," said Ervin.

    Even if he can't play football while he's recovering, Jace was able to suit up and feel like a part of a team for the first time in a long time.

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    "I think one he put his hat on, put his jersey on, he started to open up a little bit and understood he was gonna be a part of the Wildcat football program," Ervin said.

    Jace still has a long fight ahead of him, but now he has a whole team behind him ready to fight with him. Follow along with his journey through his Stronger than Cancer Facebook page.

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