Rivals Tattnall Square and FPD to meet in semifinals

The series will start with a DH on Tuesday at 5 pm./(Cam Gaskins, WGXA)

FPD and Tattnall Square are separated by just a few miles, and with a spot in the state championship series on the line, they are closer than ever. Though for both teams, it doesn't matter who's in front of them. "Its not about playing Tattnall, its not about the rivalry. You got two teams trying to punch their ticket to the state championship game. The guys are going to be up whether the rivalry is in there or not" said FPD head coach Denny Bryant. "It really doesn't matter who's in front of us, we have to show up and do our thing and play good ball. Let the chips fall where they will" said Tattnall Square head coach Joey Hiller.

The Trojans are coming off a dominant quarterfinal series win over Wesleyan. A much better performance than the 2nd round. "I felt like we played really well. Certainly room to improve and build. That's what we do every time we come out here is to show up and get better" said Hiller.

The Vikings have been clicking on all cylinders since the postseason has started. That was apparent in their quarterfinal wins over Providence. "I think we are really hot right now. We are hitting the ball good, playing our best defense, and pitching well to" said senior Tyler Mimbs.

Tattnall Square has gotten the better of the two winning the previous 3 matchups. Now knowing they'll have to beat them two more times to get to the championship series, they understand that won't be easy. "No its not, its definitely difficult playing a team that many teams and beating them that many times. But, we're ready and I think we can do it" said senior Austin Marchman.

The Vikings will be looking for redemption in this one, and a way to cement the legacy of their senior class. "I've grown up with these guys my whole life and been playing baseball with them. Its a huge honor to be where we are at with them. We just want to try and win it all. We are one big family pretty much" said Mimbs. "Its just exciting because we have never done this before. We are the first team to go to a final four in the GHSA. So its really exciting" said senior Gavin Bloodsworth.

The big unknown of this series will be the weather. Neither side knows when this one will be play, but they know it will happen regardless. "We have to be ready day by day. Coach keeps telling us to be ready. Everyday treat our bodies right and starting hydrating now because you don't know what day we are going to play" said Marchman.

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