King making the best of his time in Macon

    King leads Bacon in hits, average, and doubles./(A.J. Good WGXA) <p>{/p}

    Riley King is in his 2nd year in the Coastal Plain League, and already he has made a home with the Macon Bacon. ."Its been really fun. Macon is a awesome atmosphere. Ton of people come to games. Just to create that atmosphere and you can't really find it anywhere but here."

    King's experience has been a dream. Even better being a Georgia Bulldog. KING'S EXPERIENCE HAS BEEN A DREAM, EVEN BETTER BEING A GEORGIA BULLDOG. "Its awesome, I go up there and you can hear them in the background. Usually I don't hear things when I go up to bat I'm just super zoned in but no I can go up and hear. When we go to Savannah to. There's some Georgia fans as well so its really cool."

    Riley has broke out in a big way in 2018. Leading the team in hits, doubles, average, and at bats. All culminating with a trip to his 1st all-star game. "I've really just been working on the mental game. Just staying confident. Not trying to get to high or to low, just staying even."

    He was not a big part of the Bulldogs run to the NCAA Tournament this past season. But, he hopes his performance this summer changes that. "Summer ball is about getting reps, but at the same time coaches are looking at it seeing what's going to happen for next year and see which players are hot. Its been cool to be able to perform this summer and to be able to show the numbers off."

    Gaining this experience has been everything King has ever wanted. Because he knows it will prepare him for the SEC, and everything that comes with it. "You go out to Savannah in play in front of 5000. You come here and play in front of 3000, it gets you used to playing in that atmosphere at the SEC level. Going up to LSU and playing in front of maybe 15000 so it gets you kind of acquired to that. Like I said earlier just keeping you even, not getting to high or to low."

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