'Championship or bust' mentality for Mayhem as practice begins

The Macon Mayhem opened practice Wednesday morning at the Centreplex. /(Luke Hetrick, WGXA)

MACON, GA -- As Matt Summers skated around the ice with the President's Cup Trophy held highly above his head with fans cheering, the moment symbolized something more than just a title.

For Kevin Kerr it was hopefully the berth of a dynasty.

"We want it again," said Mayhem Left Winger Jake Trask. "We got a taste of how fun it was to win so we're going to expect that again."

Title defense began Wednesday morning for the Mayhem with the first practice of the season.

Familiar faces return to the ice including leading scorers Jake Trask and John Siemer as well as fan-favorite Dennis Sicard. The off-season lasted a little too long for the Mayhem who are chomping embracing their repeat effort.

"There's nothing like defending a title," said Right Winger Dennis Sicard. "You just got to work extra hard and that's what I went into the summer looking forward to. I know the guys in the locker room have done the same. We just got to step it up a notch."

Depending on the locker room, talking about a championship the previous season maybe considered taboo. The Mayhem are embracing their victory knowing it's the sole source of motivation for this season.

"We talk about it it a little here and there," said Centerman Stephen Pierog. "We know we were at the top last year. We definitely got to keep that going. We have the time this year. A lot of good returners coming back."

The Mayhem open the regular season Oct. 20 at home against Pensacola on Champions Night.

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