Finn becoming a wall for the Mayhem

Finn is 18-8 with a 2.95 GAA in 2018./(A.J. Good WGXA)

Charlie Finn is in his 1st season of professional hockey. But you really can't tell, as he has adjusted to this new way to play nicely. "This feels a little more opened up and a little more offensive kind of like the NHL has been turning into right now. Its been good. I've enjoyed my time here and the guys have been great. I love this team, the city, and the fans so its been a really good experience."

Finn went 18-8 giving up just under 3 goals a game this season. Becoming a reliable source in the net. "He's got that experience from college and had great numbers in college. As the season went on and down the stretch he was playing really well. I think he's locked in and that's what you need this time of the year" said head coach Kevin Kerr.

Charlie has really turned it on in the playoffs. He gave up just 3 goals in 3 games against Evansville. Proving he's the guy everyone thought he could be. "We knew he could be that type of goaltender all year. Heard great things about him from his college days. I think he's settling in now. He had 2, really 3 great games. Even the 2-1 loss in Evansville was a great performance by him and that's what we need in order to win."

Getting the call to be the starter for the postseason wasn't a shock for Finn. Its exactly where he wanted to be. "Everyone wants to play right? Because they feel they give the team the best chance to win. That's what we want, everyone on the roster wants to be on the ice. If we are not, everyone is still pulling on the same rope and that's ultimately the most important thing" said Finn.

There is no doubt that Finn has big plans for his hockey future. But for right now, he just wants to focus on bringing another President's Cup to Macon. "Its a little cliche but we are still taking things day by day. Don't look to far ahead, and definitley don't look to far behind. Learn from your mistakes and try to correct them in the future, that's all we can do."

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