'Game of Thrones' Night coming to Macon Mayhem

The Macon Mayhem hit the ice prior to their 2017 home finale against Pensacola. /(Luke Hetrick, WGXA)

MACON, GA -- Theme nights are nothing new to the Macon Mayhem.

2016-17 saw the Mayhem not only bring home a President's Cup Championship but create popular and successful theme nights. Bigger plans are in the works for the Mayhem this season.

"We have 28 theme nights this year and that's something we didn't do," said Mayhem Broadcaster Erik Evenson. "Something for every game this year so we're excited about that. We have six games that make up our big-six ticket package."

Those six theme nights are Championship Night, 'Star Wars' Night, Ugly Christmas Sweater Night, 90's Night, 'Game of Thrones' Night and Military Appreciation Weekend. In addition to the creative themes, the product on the ice should be just as attractive.

"This team is looking really good with the people we have coming back," Evenson said. "Coach Kerr and Coach Thomas are really good at filling out that roster as we saw last year with guys you don't really know about but you'll get to know there name later in the season."

The Mayhem open the season October 20 at home against Pensacola. For a full list of game themes, click here.

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