Seimer providing the energy for the Mayhem

Seimer has 5 goals in the last 5 games/(A.J. Good WGXA)

John Seimer is the heart and soul of the Macon Mayhem, and no one on this team loves to get his guys riled up more than he does. "I like having that hit, or that move, or even being the guy that's pressuring the puck all over the ice. The team feeds off that, and if I can do that then more power to it."

Despite his small stature, Seimer is a force at center. Battling the big defensemen at every crack of the stick. "I like going up against the big guys. I feel its easier to knock them down. Its better when you knock them down right?"

Seimer has been hot as of late. He has 5 goals in the last 5 games. as he starts to get his barrings at the right time. "I just try to stick to simple things. Get to the net, get shots on net and that's it."

The playoffs will get going next week in the SPHL, and Seimer is starting to get that special feeling. "I think he's getting energized and I'm starting to see the old John Seimer again. That's good to see because he's going to be a big part of our team going into the playoffs. He's a important piece to us. If he's scoring then we are in good shape" said head coach Kevin Kerr.

The hockey postseason brings a special type of intensity. Seimer and his teammates love to feed off of that, and they hope that leads to another hoisting of the cup. "The energy in the room is different. The boys are feeling different. Everybody is feeling good. Everybody is happy. Everybody is going and its nice. Definitley a fun time of the year."

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